Law vs Love? Love wins every time.

Peter B.
7 min readJul 7, 2022

Most of this came to me after several hours of dreaming after sunrise. It’s extremely rare for me to sleep after sunrise, let alone fall into a quality state of dreams. I think this is only the second or third time in my life. I’m always up before dawn, even if it’s cloudy.

The dream state continued while I showered, and as this came to me I realized that I am not to editorialize about it, nor withhold it.

Since we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside the weight of sin that clings to us so closely.

Those witnesses are those who have passed. The weight of sin is not ours, but theirs. They did some horrible things to us ranging from neglect to attempted murder and no matter what it was it inflicted damage and left a disturbance in the invisible realms that they now occupy.

Ever since they have been trying to get our attention to inform us of the harms they’ve inflicted against us.

I bring it up because family is the number one source of trauma. All you have to do is read the Bible to see this play out time and time again. Exhibit A: Cain murdered Abel. How in the world did Cain ever come to think of it?

I bring that up because the Bible is full of stories that serve as metaphors that are very useful. One can learn from them. I have, but not in the way that most people have. What I’ve learned from Genesis 3 is to never trust anything that anyone tells you about you, your life, and what you should do.

Instead, believe in you. Believe that you have natural, untapped abilities to solve any problem, address any issue by yourself. As long as you believe in you, things always work out.

But the moment you place your trust in someone else or into any institution, all learning, all progress will stop, and your personal descent into hell on Earth begins. You won’t recognize it as such due to all of the other nice folks you meet along the way and the billions of dollars spent on marketing to sustain the illusions that all is well, but that’s the nature of the Beast. You don’t recognize it until it’s too late and it’s too late. All of those billions have become trillions that are heavily invested in our mutual destruction. Those who believe that Jesus is going to come back and rescue us are the same people that serve the Beast and don’t even recognize it because they believe otherwise. They fail to understand that beliefs created the lens that they perceive through, and the mirror sustaining their paid for illusions. You can test this yourself: when you point out that their faith is misplaced, they get angry. The Beast and its servants always do. Didn’t you see them on TV?

For a month, do not watch TV, do not use social media, unsubscribe to any and all marketing emails, do not use any websites unless you have to, if it’s digital, ignore it, shut down all communications with people that you don’t really like.

Do this instead: ask for wisdom. Remember what you asked for. Believe that what you asked for will be given to you. Do not engage with what it might look like or else you will miss it — which is why you must remove all Beast-related distractions. Focus on the what, not the how, otherwise you will miss it, not able to cognize it.

Do not pray, invoke the name of God, Jesus, or Willy Wonka (sorry to have triggered you Jenny). Don’t even open your Bible. Just ask for whatever wisdom that you seek, and you will receive it for no other reason than that’s how this has always worked.

The reason to do this is to drain the abscesses in your thinking created by institutions. If it’s an institution, it’s corrupted by money and institutionalized corruption.

The above works for atheists, too, because it’s unrestricted, but like everything else, it is nullified by disbelieving that it’s possible.

Two things bother me about abortion.

One, external sources yelling that women have no control over their bodies, which reduces a man’s perspective about responsibility regarding sex.

The religious authorities were testing the parameters of Jesus thinking because their belief in obedience to the laws they created altered their perceptions and reinforced their beliefs that obedience above all else was paramount. To test Jesus, they dragged a woman “caught” in the very act of adultery. They knew just where to find her. And they deliberately didn’t bring the man she was committing adultery with.

Jesus initially ignored their confrontation by drawing in the dirt, signifying that this was not a significant matter to concern himself with. After the men cooled off for a minute, Jesus tells them that anyone who is without sin can cast the first stone at the woman. Note that the men left via their social pecking order starting with the oldest.

With no one around to sustain the charge of adultery and the subsequent punishment, Jesus tells the woman to go and sin no more.

When people hear the word ‘sin’ they automatically feel shame and vow to try harder to be better. But as you know, that never works because sin and punishment mentality — law and order — is focused squarely on symptoms. When you believe the wrong things about yourself — and you do anytime you believe what external sources say about you regardless of the truthfulness — you will feel, think, and act accordingly: you will manifest according to your belief.

That’s the very point Jesus made with his next statement: “I am the light of the world” meaning that you will remain in darkness of sin and punishment as long as your focus is on obedience to other people’s rules and don’t follow your heart.

That brings me to my second issue.

Two, there’s no room for love in the sin and punishment/law and order modality, thus it becomes corrupt and cannibalizes itself. The greatest command is not obey the law, but to love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus didn’t make that up, he was actually quoting Leviticus 19:9–18.

Read it. It’s pretty simple. It doesn’t require a belief in God, religion, or anything. All it takes is for you to figure out how you wanted to be treated and then go do that for others. Doing so guarantees that love will be coming back to you. There’s no love in being morally virtuous because morality is a symptom of love, not the cause.

The artificial Left vs Right that has been bombarding you every single day is just sheer nonsense designed to further cleave those who believe it from their heart. And it’s very effective! After all, the fear embedded with sin and punishment cannot exist apart from Love.

Lies always point to the truth, and the truth always points to Love. Believing otherwise is what creates the immense amount of inequality and its attendant suffering.

You can’t legislate good behavior. If you could, then obedience would’ve solved every issue we face. As it is, Love is still the answer and always will be. The founding fathers recognized this and created the idea of self-governance. If you put your faith in Laws then you’re a part of the problem that the U.S. democracy was trying to solve.

By the way, I have a head start on most people I know when it comes to ignoring the Beast on your screens. For 20 years I wasn’t able to partake in the marketing madness. Disabled by western medicine, and rejected by Church, I wandered the wilderness for 20 years. The way that disabled are casually discarded is heartbreaking. The Big Tech companies pay lip service to ADA compliance because disabled people are viewed as a drain on resources. ADA helps in some cases, but it still requires people to do unto to others as you would have those others do unto you.

The problem is that ‘normal’ people are conditioned to view the disabled as something less, never to realize that ‘disabled’ has it’s own built-in neurolinguistic programming: dis-. Not able.

But the fact is that we are uniquely enabled. If you would just stop freaking out and put your focus on the solving problems — see Leviticus 19:9–18 — you would see what a unique opportunity there is.

Tangent: I absolutely loved the season 4 finale of Stranger Things. The whole series is a wonderful, contemporary deconstruction of the power of beliefs. Two songs they used to demonstrate the power of belief were just fucking brilliant. Music is among the most potent remedies for anything that ails you.

“Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)” by Kate Bush (1985) perfectly captures how just creating a space for another’s suffering in order to swap places actually creates the swap. It’s a metaphor for Jesus taking on the punishment for our sins, which itself was a wonderful metaphor for getting out from the whole fear and death mongering of sin and punishment.

Okay, here’s where I’m a lot different than most Christians and every single Evangelical Christian: Jesus works only as a metaphor, and it totally works if you believe it on that level. A belief in God, religion simply isn’t required. If churches actually followed the teachings of Jesus they wouldn’t exist. Jesus didn’t believe in God, he merely believed all things are possible.

“Masters of Puppets” by Metallica (1986) makes it perfectly clear that you are the source of your own destruction. The external Master will help you destroy yourself unless you believe in you, which will enable you to love others in the most practical ways. But what do we get from churchies? Judgment. How’s that working out for everybody.

To interact without judgment is to foster radical honesty which enables solutions that resolve the causes of familial and societal breakdown. Corruption is when people are encouraged and allowed to charge money to treat symptoms.

One of the healthiest places on this planet.
One of the healthiest places on this planet.



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