Beliefs > All Else

Several organic logical consequences occurred after establishing a rational axiom for how beliefs work. Understanding the axiom destroys all previously held beliefs about beliefs in general, and all of the ways of thinking (modalities) about life.

Every modality was created first by beliefs. All beliefs were first created in the body in response to environmental stressors (Lipton, Biology of Belief). All beliefs are transmitted genetically (ibid). There is literally nothing new under the sun.

Religion and Science are identical modalities using different organizing principles. Rational sciences such as Philosophy marginalize beliefs in their organizing principles, thereby misleading humanity about the power of beliefs. Beliefs can suspend the laws of physics only if one believes it’s possible.

Christianity as I know it, and passed along via thousands of years of misbeliefs, turns out to be nothing more than a con game. Consider that Theology also ignores beliefs, promoting the idea that religion is a belief in God.

Question: if you don’t believe in me, why should I believe in you? Do you need me to believe in you in order for there to be…what exactly? What will happen if I stop believing in gravity — will it just up and disappear, condemning me to float up and away to my death?

Stupid questions deserve intelligent answers, so please write your answers in the comments.

The Axiom

Beliefs agnostically self-reinforce instantaneously, creating feelings, thoughts, and actions in that order, which themselves create more self-reinforcing feelings, thoughts, and actions. (Peter B.)

Disbeliefs and misbeliefs work the exact same way, and if you don’t believe that, then that gets self-reinforced. Let me break it down for you because we absolutely must have a rational understanding of a rational axiom that is hardwired into our bodies (Lipton). Because beliefs are stored into your DNA (Lipton — just buy the book already) and preceded your birth by hundreds of years (This is science — you’d know that if you read the book) beliefs are visceral.

Are you pissed off? That’s because of your beliefs.


I use this word to mean “it doesn’t matter what” you believe, it self-reinforces instantaneously regardless. Black or white. North or South. Up or down. True or false. None of these matter because the moment you believe something is the exact moment that it’s self-reinforced, creating feelings, thoughts, and actions in that order, which themselves create more self-reinforcing feelings, thoughts, and actions instantly.

There is a God. There’s no God. All that matters is that you believed, just like your grandparents did (Lipton — you’d know this by now). What Dr. Bruce Lipton proved is that all humans are born with beliefs, and as a child develops, these gene-based beliefs develop as well with slight variations. Concurrently, Lipton realized that we can change our beliefs by being aware of our beliefs.

I agree wholeheartedly. You are most definitely not your DNA-based beliefs, but how you overcome them.

I created the axiom in response to overcoming the limiting and often deadly beliefs of the healthcare industry that disabled me, and the Christians who abandoned me, claiming the reason I was deaf and physically incapacitated was because I didn’t have enough faith. True story.

Buy “The Biology of Belief” and read chapter 5. That’s what I think Dr. Lipton would say. Here’s the extreme condensation of chapter 5: all medical experiments are futile attempts to to achieve results comparable to the placebo effect. Placebo=Belief. If you believe that you are receiving care you will manifest accordingly. Lipton cites several studies that prove that Beliefs > than anything else. Really. Read that chapter and verify actual medical experiments cited. Each person has this power in them.

Beliefs are so powerful that when you believe the wrong things about yourself you can’t help but treat yourself and others poorly. Christians should take note of this, especially fundamentalists and Evangelicals because the axiom destroys the foundations of Christianity, turning them into sand.

‘Sin’ is traditionally defined as ‘moral failing’. This definition originates in Genesis 3, which apparently has never been analyzed for its content. Atheists: please bear with me because you’re going to love this — and it also applies to you whether you believe it or not.

A talking snake tells Eve, “that’s not true, eat the fruit and you will be like God.”

Eve believed she was not like God. Instantly she felt, thought, and acted. She believed, ate the fruit, and instantly she felt…what? Naked and afraid.

Whenever you you put your trust in something external to who you know yourself to be, you forfeit your innate power, which is your belief.

Every single human that has ever lived co-created reality by beliefs.

Sin as a moral failing is nothing more than describing the symptoms associated with believing the wrong things about one’s self. Beleiving the wrong things about one’s self naturally leads believing and acting in harmful ways to self and others. That’s axiomatic.

I was disabled and deafened by the third leading cause of death in America: healthcare. Hospitals are where people go to die due to the overuse of petrochemical-derived toxins. Of course, they don’t call it that, nor do they ever stop using toxins, nor do medical professionals ever consider that humans are 43% human DNA and 57% microbe DNA. Cell-wise, that works out to roughly 10% human cells, 90% microbe cells.

That shocking stat really isn’t shocking at all if you know that industrial healthcare addresses only the symptoms the same way the Christianity addresses symptoms, too.

As I slowly learned how to restore my health and prevent various chronic episodic unhealthiness, I was shocked to learn that the key to health is the same as prevention. And it’s not taught in medical schools:

Eat organic veggies. Get rid of all household toxins.

As much as possible, every decision to stick something in your body should be dictated by those two actions.

Remember to believe that you can be healthy and happy, that the actions and beliefs of other people do not determine your health and happiness. Only you do.

Dr. Bruce Lipton devotes his life to convincing people they co-create miracles.



Objective analysis of claims and incongruities against the rational axiom of how beliefs work.

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Peter B.

Objective analysis of claims and incongruities against the rational axiom of how beliefs work.