Beliefs Primer

I often think of beliefs as the physics of spirituality.

Every human is born with beliefs that predate their birth by hundreds of years.

Beliefs are stored in your DNA and transferred via your grandmother’s pregnancy. The way your grandparents treated each other, treated others, and how they responded to stressors in life was transferred to their grandchildren.

Each human expresses their DNA beliefs from the moment of birth via their feelings. As they develop their beliefs reinforce by the way they are treated by family. Only later are they able to articulate their feelings, label them and try to fit into social modalities.

Only the expression of of DNA can be modified, and it’s done by choice. You can modify another human’s expression by the way you treat them, and you modify yours simultaneously. This mode is commonly labeled as ‘religion’ but it applies to every human.

I can allow or reject your treatment of me. I can choose to learn from you. I can also choose to show you that the harm you try to inflict on me harms you, and that you no longer need to express fear-based beliefs. Expressing Love is always an option. Love=Belief.

Required reading: The Biology of Belief. It explains that beliefs are your superpower. No religion required. Of course, if you don’t believe it then my twenty-one word rational statement explains that your

The Body Keeps The Score complements The Biology of Belief, revealing that families and western medicine are the leading sources of trauma and PTSD ranging from mild to extreme. It also tells you how to treat it and why it works.

I do not recommend anyone reading the Bible in search of help as The Biology of Belief reveals that belief is all you need. In Mark 11 Jesus explains to his disciples how miracles work: believe, and if you have any disbeliefs (doubt) then no miracles will be done for you. Note that Jesus starts with “have faith in God” which many interpret as implying that a belief in God is required. Having faith means letting go, act as if what you spoke is happening at the instance you spoke it. Instead many people (myself included for decades) can’t wrap their minds around this simple concept because it’s been distorted for thousands of years before Jesus was even born. The Bible accurately documents the way people treat others and treated by others — all of it is based on the beliefs of the various believers and their corresponding actions. The entire Bible needs to rewritten like the Book of Ruth: no mention of God, just one woman’s concern for her people and the looming political threats of death.

The twenty-word rational state of how beliefs work opened my eyes to the fact that beliefs create all ways of thinking — modalities—which means all religion philosophy and science were created by beliefs that became ever more organized and articulate. Beliefs are primary, modalities are secondary, subservient to beliefs as beliefs trump every other consideration.

A word about “agnostically”: regardless of what one believes, it will self-reinforce instantaneously. You believe in God — boom! You believe the Earth is flat — boom! Beliefs create the lens that you perceive life through and the mirror that reflects your beliefs.

I often think of beliefs as the physics of spirituality in that observation affects reality. I sometimes think that “let it be done on Earth as it is in heaven” is a rational statement of just that, and when someone disbelieves it, then their reality reflects that disbelief.

Individual beliefs are mutually exclusive to organized modalities and are far more powerful.


Modal beliefs are transactional by nature of being organized for the benefit of the modality. There has to be a buy-in at some point that comes at the expense of individual beliefs which are by their nature dispositional. This in a nutshell describes the teachings of Jesus — which align with The Biology of Belief — which were diametrically opposed to the collective beliefs of early Judaism which promoted a belief in obedience to collective beliefs about morality. Read more here.



Objective analysis of claims and incongruities against the rational axiom of how beliefs work.

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Peter B.

Objective analysis of claims and incongruities against the rational axiom of how beliefs work.