Christianity is Hell On Earth

They like to pretend otherwise.

Peter B.
3 min readOct 3, 2023

As if it wasn’t enough to reveal that each and every human is born with innate capacity to believe, to manifest heaven on Earth, Jesus exposed the depth of the religious leaders depravity and corruption.

Long before Jesus was born, religious leaders implemented a sin tax that became a fantastic wealth creator. The world’s oldest business model is depends on you believe what they’re selling.

This is documented in Genesis 3. It’s always been sold as you’re not like God, you are born a sinner who is prone to hurting others.

Well, it certainly takes one to know one.

The penalty is death because the entity known as God said so.

Death is the basis of all fear. Believing that you are born sinning results in believing that you are not created in God’s image which is the capacity to believe.

You can believe in anything you want to, and without fail you will absolutely physically manifest what you believe. This is quantum mechanics in a nutshell.

When you give up your power to a hardcore, baldfaced lie, you most likely will never get it back because you’re going to keep manifesting that you’re incapable.

Read Genesis 3:1–11 and identify exactly what Eve did.

Believing in self is the basis of all life. Believing in what anyone tells you to believe is the root of all suffering.

You brought that upon yourself. We all did. We were all told that if we perform an action and say the magic words, all would be temporarily forgiven. “Obey”, they said, and pay the sin tax to support them.

They built up their extravagant wealth based on a lie. How could they ever stop.

“Your heart is where your treasure is” references the Holy of Holies in the Temple where only a select few of the select few would dare enter. It’s where they stashed their gold which kept them in power.

You protect your turf at all costs. Theirs was stolen, Jesus’ treasure was believing in himself to such a degree that it caused others to believe in him which caused them to believe in themselves.

This was a direct threat to the wealth-creating template (Genesis 3) on two fronts.

One, it meant no more sin tax. When you believe in yourself, you love you yourself, and thus you love others, not hurt others which is a sin.

Two was worse: no more control over society. The very best way to control is through fear-mongering. Perform this action in order to prevent bad things from happening.

Read Matthew 23:1–36. Every single word applies to contemporary Christianity. If you told your church leaders that those passages were all about them you’d be doxed and cancelled instantly. That rant got Jesus killed.

What your church leaders never tell you is that everything they say originated in the gory, ultra-violent savagery of the Reformation. Catholics tortured and killed their subjects who who broke away to form their own churches which became known as Protestant denominations.

St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre. Painting by Francois Dubois. More info here.

Violence begets violence begets violence. And when there’s a marriage involved, Catholics take the cake. True story: a wedding led to a weeks long massacre of Protestants.

Over several hundred years, the violence became a part of the story. Amnesia was institutionalized into Church doctrine as a lesson in God’s forgiveness for something that was completely preventable were it not for their collective, deliberate deception in the name of God.

That as fucked up as life gets.

Don’t listen to a single thing your pastor and church leadership says. Don’t act like them, don’t look like them.

Believe in you.



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