Epigenetic Iterations of Fear

aka Christianity is just another iteration of religion as fear.

Peter B.
3 min readNov 28, 2023

24 hours ago, just a few blocks away from our house there was a murder-suicide. Our neighborhood is upper middle-class, or what’s left of it. While crime of this nature is highly unusual, it’s epigenetically common.

3 children were involved. They ran from the house just as law enforcement showed up. The father was firing at them and the officers, striking one of each. The father then turned the gun on himself.

No doubt mental health counselors will be deployed to talk about the trauma, and soon the whole thing will be gone from public view. We’ll wonder how things turned out and shake our heads while internalizing it to some degree.

What can the mental health counselors do? Nothing.
What can law enforcement do? Nothing.
What can Christians/religion do? Nothing.
What can God do? Nothing.
What can prayer do? Nothing.
What can I do? Point out the power of Love to overcome epigenetics.
What would Jesus do? Same thing.

When Jesus said he didn’t come to save the righteous, he was referring to those who cause widespread societal harm. He was speaking directly to the Pharisees, who by their self-appointed rule making, profited off of misery in much the same way as capitalism does today; specifically, when the success of your business model depends on treating symptoms and ignoring causes your business will be very successful.

When Jesus said the way the Pharisees treats the lowest amongst society is direct reflection of their actual values, he was addressing that they didn’t walk the talk. 1,500 years later the lowest amongst European society would protest the Catholic Church’s hypocritical claims to care for the poor.

Then, as 1,500 years later, the religious authorities gathered wealth and made rules that ensured the status quo which is those with the money make the rules that the rest of us must follow. The protesters did to Catholics as Catholics had done to them for so long, looting churches to fund their own churches in order to remake the rules. The Catholic Church tortured, murdered, and massacred the very people they claimed to be their subjects, and Protestants returned the favor, ensuring that epigenetic iterations would persist for hundreds of years.

The murder of Jesus follows the pattern of kill the messenger and incorporate the message as part of the coverup. Thus Jesus, himself amongst to lowest of Jewish society who habitually broke religious laws, became the son of God, epigenetically borrowing from the Jewish concept of scapegoating.

His gruesome torture and subsequent death made an example of Jesus. Over time and repeated cover up tactics, Jesus became the example of the only morally perfect person who ever lived. He never sinned, they said. Pontius Pilate found no fault in Jesus, true, but that was because Jesus broke no Roman laws. Triggered, the Rabbis doubled down on their claims, whipping the mob into a frenzy to demand the murder of Jesus in the name of God.

That’s the epigenetic pattern since the very beginning.

Each and every one of us, independent of social identification, chooses to believe and manifest the same old social epigenetics or choose to believe that Love is the way.

Christianity is nothing more than an epigenetic iteration of fear.

Sin as moral failing is symptomatic of epigenetics, which is believing the wrong things about yourself. Believing the wrong things about yourself is quite simply biological fear, aka epigenetics. This human default is exploited by religion and its bogeyman named God.

Jesus merely exposed the corruption of institutionalized criminals called religion that operates under the brand of God while directly stating that their criminal treatment of their fellow Jews creates misery, not love.

In other words, religion grants itself carte blanc to do whatever it wants and employs a whole host of rationalizations to justify its criminal existence. Our contemporary legal and political system demands your obedience while offering nothing in return.

Concurrently, Love quietly whispers its power to overcome all that the fear mongers have wrought upon the bodies that keep the score.



Peter B.

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