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I was never frightened, I just didn't know how. Christianity compounded the problem in various ways as you might know. And then there's the #1 source of trauma: family. Western medicine is #2.

The Christians my sister married into were waayyyy worse than ours, and yet she repeatedly stole from me in ways I didn't even know until after our father died, and then a year later she died and everything came out. Only then was I able to put the puzzle pieces together, and only recently I was able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and let that go.

I like the direction of #3, but it's just glib theology in light of family trauma that no one talks about. It skips over epigenetics, meaning it ignores behavior that is genetically transferred every other generation over hundreds of years. It puts the onus on the individual as if the individual was a stand-alone person when the science of epigenetics (The Biology of Belief) shows otherwise.

Only recently have I been able to remove the toxins I grew up. Christianity didn't help me with that. Philosophy didn't help. Jung's "fake it until you make it" didn't help at all. Church didn't help, prayer didn't help...I had one friend who listened to me which temporarily alleviated the symptoms.

My sister's death started it, and then reconnecting with her daughter blew the lid off because I found out what traumatized her and all of its symptoms. We talked, we were able to address the causes. Everything here just does the same old thing: focus on the symptoms as if that going to help.

Christianity and religion isn't about God. It's about relationships! How you treat other people is everything. The entire Bible could be written like the Book of Esther and Song of Solomon to document how people treated other people.

The big litmus test is what do you actually believe independent of God, Jesus, what do you actually believe and why do you believe it because miracles and greater works are the litmus test. Everybody reaps what they sow with their beliefs regardless of any other consideration.

You can say to the impossible mountainous thing in your life “be removed”and if you do not doubt in your heart, it will be done for you.

The Roman Centurion heard about a miracle in Capernaum and how some guy was causing a ruckus among the Jewish elite with unexplainable things. That soldier sought out Jesus because his gay lover was sick. Jesus was ready to go the Centurion's outpost to heal the man when the soldier thought it was bad optics, so he told Jesus, “I give commands and people do them, so you just do that and he will be healed.”

There's no other requirement for miracles. Just believe, and if you can, ask for help and you will receive it. Seek out what your heart is seek and you will find it. Knock (create opportunities) and it will be opened to you.

Thank you Dan!



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