Ignore the Noise

Unless it comes from you, it’s all noise. This article prompted this short discussion about beliefs interacting with external sources.

“…But there was so much negativity, so much raining down on a young football team. We’re so young. I just felt like it was important to kind of deflect the attention off the players and bring it on me. You know that it was gonna come down on me. Any time you challenge the media, they’re gonna come out guns blazing.

“We have such a young group. They’re so talented. I believed in them, and I just wanted them to have a chance. That statement was more about allowing them to go play freely, and shouldering the criticism myself. In the world of social media, these kids are impressionable. They have feelings too. It’s like, shoot, if they just play football, just play, feel free, play the game they’ve loved since they were kids, hey, they’re gonna be pretty good.”

Any time you challenge the status quo it’s gonna come out guns blazing. It’s going to put you down and tell you with all of the authority it can muster that you’re just not good enough. You’re this, you’re that and if you believe it, then you cannot help but manifest it.

Once again, I say you should read chapter 5 of “The Biology of Belief”. Or just read the power of belief in this science article, or this one.

The article continues:

“Saleh thinks it’s a tougher task these days to coach young players, and for young players to excel. Back in the day, coaches could control the narrative with an iron grip. Today, they can’t. Today, players are hit with omnipresent talk radio, social media, instageniuses dissecting games who don’t really know the game. Saleh battles it, and he battles the euphoria-or-disaster thing Parcells talked about.

“The market is hard and it feels sorry for no one,” he said. “When you lose games, it’s ‘fire everybody.’ When you win games it’s amazing. So just keep our head down. Try to educate our players. Stay off social media the best you can.”

Saleh said: “We’ve got two big signs players see as they walk out of the building every day: ‘Ignore the noise.’ “

“Ignore the noise and what?” I asked.

“That’s it. ‘Ignore the noise.’ We got signs on each side of the door. Ignore the noise.”

Ignore whatever anyone says about you. Ignore the experts who say it can’t be done. The easiest, laziest, and stupidest world in the world is, “no”.

Never believe anything that anyone has ever said about you. Don’t believe the experts, don’t believe authorities of any kind, just believe in you.

To date, every single job that I’ve ever had I’ve done extremely well because I figure things out.

With one exception never have I ever been offered a job where the person did not meet me in person. The exception was based on a recommendation from someone who knew the core of me, who got me and understood why I’m great at whatever I set my mind to do. But those who did the actually hiring believed the negativity and ill-will spoken of me by my boss to the point where nothing I did was good enough.

I used to be able to walk into buildings, meet people and have a direct impact on those who met me. That world is long gone, replaced by fear of things you cannot see with the naked eye. Replaced by experts who promote fear under the guise of science. Replaced by people who believe the fear-based marketing that saturates every single waking moment.

These very same people turn to religion or God thinking that that churches are different only to find that the majority of churches are experiencing a mass exodus because fear-based dogma taught in Seminaries is somehow greater than love.

Unable to objectively ignore the noise of religion, people tune out the church altogether. It’s become just another marketplace of fear where you have to perform an action to receive what you already have and are.

It’s why the the theologian Martin Luther excoriated the Catholic Church by stating, “The Pope would, for money crucify Christ anew.” And “Once a holy place, should the Antichrist visit the Catholic Church he would not find anything to add to its wickedness.” Both paraphrased from memory.

You are what you believe you are, and if you believe the noise then you can’t but help manifest accordingly as those two articles I posted above. Here they are again: this science article, or this one.

Don’t believe me. Believe in you.

From that same article about controlling the narrative: (it’s in the “Voices” section)

“Steve [Young], Bill [Romanowski] never said anything, because I was always there, and that (injections) was just part of the business. I was at practice, at games, on team buses, always an ongoing conversation. Of course, if I was starting out now, none of this would ever be happening. First of all, now or even then, how many coaches would’ve been like Bill Walsh, signing off on all of this. That would’ve never happened with Belichick or Parcells or Halas. Because it’s all about control. It’s all about, ‘This is what we think is best.’

Control is about getting you to believe in a narrative that doesn’t reflect reality.

If you read the article about how common knee surgery is no better than placebo you might realize that the placebo wasn’t the fake surgery, but the belief that one was was receiving actual surgery. The flip side of that is those who received the actual surgery didn’t fare better! Why? Because they didn’t believe that actual surgery would work.

So, can one recover from a knee injury without the need for surgery? Absolutely yes, but only if one believes they can. Case in point: I don’t have a PCL or ACL in my right knee, and haven’t for over 40 years. I once had an MRI done that showed that the top of the tibula just below the knee was laced with microfractures.

The doctor was stunned. As he examined the images he accurately guessed that the injury was 10–12 years old. Bingo, and then asked me how I was even able to walk, let alone rock climb, bike, trail run, swim and generally horse around without issue.

The answer: because I want to.

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Objective analysis of claims and incongruities against the rational axiom of how beliefs work. https://howbeliefswork.com/

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Peter B.

Objective analysis of claims and incongruities against the rational axiom of how beliefs work. https://howbeliefswork.com/