Love vs Mammon

The false power of mammon is difficult to ignore. I hate that I have to write about it, but it must be done for the sake of establishing a baseline, which without always leads you and me to despair.

For 5 years I’ve been rationally expounding on how beliefs work, separating fiction from fact. Once you grasp the rational statement of how beliefs work, you will begin to see what love is, what love does, and the power of love to flow through self to others without having to conjure it, to will it, to intend it because it’s the default state of every human.

Healing spontaneously happens to others as you vicariously understand their emotional state. No prayer needed, no bible study attendance required, no belief in God necessary. This is the greater works that Jesus spoke of.

In this state of grace that Jesus called ‘the kingdom of God’, all things are possible because there’s no transactional meritocracy—religion and its death by politics—present to corrupt and destroy the workings of the spirit.

This state comes to me almost every morning at 3am—the witching hour—when every humans’ body is at its weakest, most vulnerable. In this state I am wide awake but oblivious to all but whatever the spirit is showing me. I feel what others feel and this is the most important thing as the body directly expresses emotions. Not thoughts, not prayers, and certainly nothing religious, just pure emotion and its causes.

In this state, words comes to me and I feel their effects on the emotional state of others that I know. I never know what they’re experiencing until I enter their state of being. I feel it the same as they feel and it takes my breath away to hear the words and feel their state change accordingly.

A few verses and how they apply come to mind as I witness their healing effects. The whisper slays the loud, hate-filled voice of the Beast. Most of those I vicariously experience are deaf from social media, television, and religion. There’s no love in any of those artificial constructs. But at 3am I see the spirit open their ears and hearts and reconnect their spirit to the source of all love.


Objective analysis of claims and incongruities against the rational axiom of how beliefs work.

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Peter B.

Objective analysis of claims and incongruities against the rational axiom of how beliefs work.