Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

How to solve every issue we face.

If you didn’t read the Bible cover to cover you might have missed that that Jesus was quoting Leviticus 19: 9–18 when he said the greatest command is to love your neighbor as yourself.

Q: What’s Love Anyways?

A: make sure your fellow humans’ needs are met, and treat them the way you want to be treated. Here’s the short version

Lev. 19: 9–10: Share.
Lev. 19: 11–12: Be honest.
Lev. 19: 13–14: Be fair.
Lev. 19: 15–16: Be truthful.
Lev. 19: 17–18: Express your feelings.

Every other verse ends “I am the Lord your God” in order to stress the importance of dealing with other human beings. If you incorporate these 10 commands into your every day life, you are loving your neighbor, but more than that you are actively engaged in the prevention of societal breakdown, and thus creating space where all humans are healthy.

In a word: self-governance, which defeats obedience to any other law. If you need a law to tell you what to do, you’re a part of the problem. You ignore these excellent instructions at your own peril.

All plants are lungs of the Earth, and microbes facilitate the exchange without which no plants and people would exist.

Swipe left is a feature of the Digital Age. Artificial intelligence can’t execute these commands because there is no programming logic that can feel emotion and its impact on your body which is 10% human, and 90% microbes cell-wise regardless of whether you believe in God or not. You’re far more microbe than human, which is probably why before the 10 Commandments there was just one: be good stewards of the Earth.

Microbes are the highest life forms on Earth, creating and sustaining all life. The microbes covering your skin are actively removing dead skin cells as they age while eating other microbes. They came from the soil.

The mucosal membrane—extending from the corner of your eyes, in your nose, mouth, down your throat, into your lungs, down to your stomach, all the way through 20+ feet of your intestines to your anus—is completely covered with microbes. They came from the soil.

Like soil, your body needs clean water to stay hydrated. Like soil, your body needs clean air to convert it to the forms that you need just like they convert air to the forms that plant roots need. It’s not coincidental that plant roots and lung aveoli share a similar structure and are covered with microbes that help both plants and humans breathe.

If you treat others the way you want to be treated, you prevent the destruction of the Earth. Did you give your neighbor poisoned food? No, but a corporation did. Did you give them toxic water to drink? No, but a corporation did. Did you silence your neighbor from speaking their truth? No, but a corporation allows you to.

If corporations incorporated the 10 commands outlined in Leviticus 19: 9–18, we wouldn’t be facing the collapse of the entire planet. But because they don’t, they resort to blaming others as being the source of their issues. Worse, they use this to destroy the very thing that sustains all life on Earth.

You feel it because you’re more microbe than human; your awareness and health is made possible by the miracle of microbes. Disease comes from the destruction of microbes, not from other humans.

By incorporating the 10 commands outlined in Leviticus 19: 9–18, you have a direct impact on the health of other people. That’s what love your neighbor does. It’s easy to do and it all comes back to you and more.

Go love someone today, anyone, it doesn’t matter who it is according to Matthew 25:40.



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