Obedience or Love

Peter B.
6 min readMar 28, 2024

There’s never been a nanosecond in your life where you were not believing something regardless of the experience you were/are currently in. Even as I write this I know most people will not believe that knowing how beliefs works is something that will positively impact their life.

It most certainly didn’t impact me for the better of 7 years. That’s how long it took me to figure out how beliefs work without activating the only thing that beliefs do: self-reinforce.

There’s two primary things happening in this very instant: your intrapersonal podcast is straining to be heard above the hundreds of others podcasts. This mishmash of competing repetitious audio forms the basis of how you perceive life and this book, changing the way you think and feel.

Everything you think you believe about life is hundreds and thousands of years old. You’re just experiencing ancient thought patterns as if they were new. Both true at the same time because energy is never wasted, it’s transferred genetically. You’re totally in tune with your epigenetic self to such a high degree of fidelity that the past is a really accurate predictor of the future. You know this is true by looking at your own life depending on how old you are. If you’re younger than 30, the patterns are likely nebulous. If you’re older than 30 you might have a better grasp of the epigenetic patterns by virtue of more iterations.

And this in turn depends on how your parents treated you which depended how their grandparents treated your parents. That’s 6 primary influential people that determined 90% of your beliefs of which 70% are negative.

The best part of this is that you get to choose to be the best version of you. The worst part is that a lot of money is made by promoting the status quo. The world’s oldest, most effective business model is: perform an action in order to achieve/receive what you already are/have.

This is easy because that business model is built to address only the symptoms. There’s no money to be in addressing the causes. Well, actually there is but it’s not sustainable over the long run, so it favors greed and the massive destruction of resources that transfers the wealth and health of many to the few.

Religion created this model and employs it to this very day. You can find it hidden in plain view in Genesis 3:1–5. Mainstream Christianity markets those verses in order to induce belief in their iteration of the model, which effectively is a solution to the problem they create.

The sad state of current affairs is due to misbeliefs about beliefs in general, not a lack of morality. When you believe the wrong things about yourself, you feel, think, and act according to those beliefs.

What most people never do is question their beliefs because we’ve been trained to obey. We’ve been trained to believe in God, that God created us and yet somehow that almighty God made a mistake requiring a few thousand years to arrive at a solution that makes no sense. We’re told to accept that God works in mysterious ways; we cannot possibly know the mind of God.

Believing this to be the case, makes it the case. That’s just how beliefs work.

The solution for God’s mistake, a God that supposedly loves us so much that he drowned his creation with a flood save for pairs of every living creature, was to impregnate a virgin so that his offspring would die the most gruesome, heart-breaking death in order to prove his love. There’s some kind of apology baked in.

Leading up to that decision, God allowed a foreign country to occupy his offspring’s region and decorate it with the murder weapon he would eventually die on, and I’m just guessing it was a reminder of what his future holds and who’s the Boss.

Yeah, right.

The people I wrote this for are the true believers in the most messed up story ever told, so I want to get some things out of the way in order to set them straight before they perpetuate any more misery. I’m doing this because I genuinely love them.

I used to be one them, quick to turn off my mind and “over spiritualize” any issue that seemed too big for me even though I had read that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. It was read as to bring all things to God in prayer and let him handle it. It was contradicted by Paul praying that a thorn in his side be removed. And Jesus himself dreading his own murder. Who among us hasn’t prayed or wished things weren’t the way they are and then judged themselves for things they had no control over?

I’m not writing this for atheists although they’re going to greatly benefit. So will marginalized communities. Nor am I writing this for scientists although they should read it so they can advance science for the benefit of our species instead of selling out to the false power of money like many religious types do.

Nope, I’m writing this for those who identify as Christian so they can put a stop to the heartless, competitive merit-based system of misery they help co-create. It’s not enough for Christians to realize that Matthew 23 explicitly addresses the false power of religion’s highly profitable system of fear-mongering before they ever promoted their brand of misery with a murder weapon, selling it as the Good News; being woke and being aware are mutually exclusive things just as religion and spirituality are.

The title of my work How Beliefs Work contains 21 words describing how beliefs work, with just one $70 word. It’s the ramifications of those 21 words that destroys every illusion, every deception, every misbelief, and every way of thinking (modalities) about life regardless of its labels and the academic degrees one can obtain from studying those modalities.

All of those modalities were created by beliefs, but until now there’s never been a rational statement of how beliefs work. Knowing how beliefs work shows you how all of those modalities are merely expressions of beliefs that began intrapersonally and then migrated outwards, becoming more organized, splitting off into different type of modalities with slightly differing governing beliefs.

Whatever you believe, you become, thus how beliefs work shows you how you became who you are.


Several times a month Christians litigate their brand of obedience to God’s commands as if I were a lawbreaker. Of course I’m breaking your brand of religious laws that you copied and pasted from the Bible.

I’m merely following Jesus’ example while the Reminderers are following the example of the Pharisees, knowingly or unwittingly ignoring that those religious leaders wanted Jesus done away with for breaking their man-made, oppressive laws.

Jesus didn’t break a single civil law. Instead, he chose love as his guiding principle.

Jesus’ withering take down of their corruption (Matthew 23) is what got him killed. He knew it would and didn’t hold back. The Pharisees were powerful fear mongers who believed that obedience to laws, and promoting obedience to their laws would have good outcomes. They got caught up in appearances of being holy by virtue of the ever-increasing number of laws they created.

Obedience became tradition (epigenetic) and eventually cannibalized itself; the letter of the law–obedience–was elevated above the spirit of the law–love. Love bears, believes, hopes, and endures all things.

Bottom line: the way you treat people determines their destiny and yours. Everyone reaps what they sow regardless of beliefs and religion.

Treat people the way you want to be treated.
Religion is not about God, it’s about how to be human.



Peter B.

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