Outside the Box

I read contemporary Christian experience and expectations as anachronistic, trapped in a time capsule entombed in 2,000 years old thinking that itself is encased in 4,000 years old antiquated modalities. There’s nothing new. It’s formulaic, static, DOA. The only reason to attend church is to socialize, meet the other slaves to empty theology, hear their stories about being enslaved to the same old beliefs as articulated by the thousands years old institutions that have rationalized the life, laughter, and love out of divinity. Boring. And heart breaking because the only voice church-goers hear and see are the Seminary Clones, the self-appointed generals of spiritual warfare who have forgotten, or worse have ignored that the battle was won not by the death of Jesus but by his life which was eventually repackaged and sold by the very institutions he unequivocally rejected. Business as usual.

It’s this Rebranding of Christ that contemporary Christianity is self-unaware of and continues to operate in. The miracles and the greater works have been swept under a thick theological rug so that the truth never sees the light of day: we are powerful beyond measure. We do not lack for anything. We manifest accordingly; when we believe otherwise we manifest otherwise. Disbelieving this to be the truth is what institutions and churches have taught for thousands of years. If they didn’t they wouldn’t have existed in the first place.

Theology gaslights the believer and teaches them how to gaslight others. It’s called ‘discipleship’. Six thousand years of telling people that they are nothing without God, capable of only bad things. Because believers believe this message they reap accordingly. Masters in Divinity teaching others that divinity is achieved, not the default of being created in God’s image.

Believers suffer, wondering if their experience is all that there is.

Daring quote by Helen Keller



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Peter B.

Objective analysis of claims and incongruities against the rational axiom of how beliefs work. https://howbeliefswork.com/