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Peter Bockenthien
2 min readDec 16, 2021


It never ceases to amaze me how Evangelicals have turned their brains off, or at least take it for granted that intelligence and wisdom is developed. It is not the result of obedience to creeds, dogmas, or laws.

I pity anyone who was born in the 1990s growing up digitally but never socially, intellectually, but especially who have become empty-headed Evangelicals. They quote scripture as if they were litigating a criminal case in God’s courtroom while God repeatedly bangs the gavel saying “forgiven” over and over and over.

In case you didn’t notice, quoting scripture was the running theme of the last temptation. Satan quotes it perfectly but Jesus sees right through the lame attempt to boost one’s self-esteem by reciting scripture as if it was necessary. Unless you believe like a child…

There should be a digital version of the Bible that completely omits God so that it can be read objectively, y’know? Like the Book of Esther.

Otherwise all the Bible really does is document how fucked up things are when people believe that God is going to step in and save them. See: Jesus on the cross telling his fellow criminal of the day that he will be with Jesus in Paradise.
“What do I have to do in order to get into paradise?”

One of my favorite stories in the Old Testament is when the spies of the 12 tribes give their report on their recent mission. Only 2 gave a good report. The other 10 were overwhelmed by the impossibility of them walking right into the Promised Land — what about those giants? We’re tiny insects compared to them. Compare that to the deaf fig tree. The disciples had been witnessing and performing miracles but they get caught up in the “how” of it all when they can’t cast out a demon. They glom onto a dead fig tree. “Whoa!!!! LOOK AT THAT!!!” Not a big deal says Jesus. You can say to that mountain ‘be removed and cast into the sea’ and if you don’t get caught up in the quantum mechanics and math, it shall be done for you.

Jesus follows up that by walking on water during a terrifying tempest in the Dead Sea. He totally punked the disciples. If you look at the miracles objectively you might notice that they all temporarily suspend the laws of physics as we kind of know them today. This shouldn’t be a surprise because it’s written in the Lord’s Prayer: let it be done on Earth as it (already) is in (the invisible realms called) heaven.

Happy Thursday. Remember the least amongst you, treat them with kindness.



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