The Tight Relationship Between Sin and Miracles

Having discovered how beliefs work organically revealed that beliefs create all ways of thinking (modalities) about life, which means beliefs create all religion and all sciences. The rationale supporting this conclusion is laid out here.

A shorter version follows.

How Beliefs Work

Beliefs agnostically self-reinforce instantaneously, creating feelings, thoughts, and actions in that order, which themselves create more self-reinforcing feelings, thoughts, and actions.

Beliefs reinforce physically-emotionally-intellectually — there’s no distinction between these — at the speed of light, causing one to think that everything one believes is true, and to believe everything one thinks is true. Beliefs create the lens we perceive through and the mirror that reflects our perceptions.

This singular circularity nature of beliefs is what causes one to never fully grasp them because separating one’s beliefs (lens) from the reinforcements (mirrors) entails examining hundreds of millions of feelings, thoughts, and actions, all with the same goal: what (lens) do you believe and why (mirrors) do you believe it. It’s a seemingly impossible task due to all of the mirrors inside and outside of ourselves. How can one possibly escape from the singular circularity of their own beliefs? Epigenetics, in a word.

You Are Your Ancestors

The beliefs of grandparents is passed down via DNA. When your grandmother was pregnant with your mother, she developed all of the eggs she was ever going to have in her life. What got hardwired into your mother’s eggs was the subtle changes in your grandparents DNA in response to stressors in life. The number one stressor? Fear in all of its manifestations which resolve resolve to one thing: perceived and real threats to self and family.

Humans can negatively or positively change another human’s beliefs and thus change their DNA. There’s no distinction between DNA and beliefs; they are one and the same. Truth is self-evident, therefore it doesn’t rewire a human’s DNA.

Each of us was born with various fear-based beliefs. We literally feel these beliefs with every cell in our body to the point where they feel unchangeable.

Every human is born with their grandparents beliefs, whose beliefs are their grandparents beliefs, whose beliefs are their grandparents beliefs, whose beliefs are their grandparents beliefs. Thus every humans belief is hundreds and thousands of years old.

This is science by the way. You can read the journey that led to its discovery in The Biology of Beliefs.

Epigenetic Beliefs

The Bible is stuck in thousands of years of epigenetic beliefs which have perpetuated their fear-based origins and distorted it.

When Jesus appears on the scene, epigenetic beliefs and their built-in fears were already thousands of years old. What you read in the Bible is merely old ways of thinking about old ways of thinking. It was hopelessly outdated upon Jesus birth and death, as was/is the response to both.

So much so, that Christianity today is nothing more than epigenetic beliefs about 2,000 year old epigenetic beliefs that themselves were 2,000 year old epigenetic beliefs. These beliefs are trapped in a language, culture and way of thinking that was poorly suited and misunderstood back then, so it cannot possibly be properly contextualized to apply to contemporary environments.

When I discovered how beliefs worked my faith in the physics of spirituality — what most people call ‘God’ — was restored and enhanced. It stripped the Bible from its epigenetic trappings in two key areas: sin, and miracles.

Sin and miracles occupy the same invisible realm of belief. But because only fear-based beliefs are passed down via DNA, misbeliefs about both have been recklessly perpetuated. Not only that, but you were born with the same power of belief that God and Jesus have. And right here — in the space before thoughts form and the default epigenetic beliefs and their millions of self-reinforcing feelings once again exalt themselves — right here is where everyone keeps repeating the same old mistake of believing stuff just because it’s in the Bible.

If you’re a shoot the messenger Christian — 99% of you are — then the rest of this article just isn’t for you. I’m writing for the least among you. I’m writing for that 1 sheep that y’all let wander off. I’m writing for those who the 99% of you continually let down by judging as not up to your standards of what a Christian is.

Sin is not a moral failing. Y’all got that wrong, as did I. Read Gen 3:1–5 slowly, carefully, pay attention to it. Read it 40 times in a row. Meditate on it until it gets through all of those self-reinforcing things that convince you that you know what sin is. Really read it. It’s right there, hidden in plain view.

The snake told Eve that if she ate the fruit, she would be like God. She believed and thus ate.

Eve believed she was not like God. She believed the lie, and instantly she felt it, thought it, acted it. End of story.

To suggest that because someone else believed a lie condemns me to believing the same lie is fucking nuts. But here we are, everyone believes this same lie, teaches this same lie, passes this same lie down to their grandchildren, prays about it in the same old epigenetic way.

Sin is not a moral failing, sin is believing the wrong things about yourself. If you believe that you are a sinner, you will feel, think, and act like one. Sin is the symptom, misbeliefs are the root cause. Eve believed the wrong thing about herself, but one thing it didn’t change was the fact she was created in God’s image, specifically the capacity to believe, which in turn manifests beliefs accordingly.

Ultimately, moral failings are symptoms of believing the wrong things about one’s self, which blocks the power of belief and Love. Obedience to a moral code doesn’t produce Love. Moral actions are a symptom of Love, but if you believe the wrong things about yourself, you are incapable of loving yourself and thus unable to love your neighbor.

Morality vs. Love

Don’t listen to the religious authorities. Don’t believe a single thing they have to say. If someone has a degree from a Seminary or other religious school, don’t listen to a thing they say because unless you believe like a child you will by no means enter into the kingdom of God. Nope, you will join those authorities in hell on Earth.

Jesus did a lot of clean up work involving resetting people’s beliefs to square up with the way God created them. That clean up work is called ‘miracles’.

Did you catch that time that Jesus told a guy to stop believing whatever the Pharisees had been pushing onto his fellow Jews for hundreds of years? Did you catch when he told the guy that his belief that he was paralyzed was false, that Jesus sensed the Rabbis judgment that Jesus committed blasphemy right in front of them? Jesus thinks their judgment as evil because obedience to laws and obedience in general has a several thousand years long track record of failure.

(That’s a really long time to tell everyone that you’re right when in fact you keep manifesting the same old miserable outcomes. See those Jews hanging on crosses?)

Jesus asks the Rabbis which is easier: tell the man that his wrong beliefs are forgiven, or ignore all of that and get up and walk?

Clever guy versus Rabbis stuck in epigenetic beliefs. Umm…neither? Nope.

So, with the authority invested in Him, Jesus tells the man both: your wrong beliefs are swiped left, get up and walk away from these evil dudes and their loveless ways.

Oh! You are to do greater works than Jesus. This is your role model, and anyone, including and especially the least among you and me can facilitate miracles just by believing that all things are possible.

You know, love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things? Yeah, you don’t really believe that. That’s the problem. You’re stuck in a epigenetic merit-based ‘Deus ex machina’ belief that if you don’t do this, don’t do that, then God is going to bless you.

Come on! If you truly are going to love your neighbor, you should start by believing that you were born to do greater works than Jesus for no other reason than all things are possible. Really. But if you don’t believe, then you don’t believe and you’ll continue to manifest the same old heartache, same old issues, same old flaws, same old drama and you’ll get on your knees again and ask God to help you, to forgive you and you’ll never know any better because your version of the Pharisees is alive and well, ready to turn your heart into another transaction for Jesus Saves, Inc.

This epigenetic belief that obedience is the be all end all perpetuated itself and still perpetuates itself today to the point that if Jesus were to return — he’s not — no one would recognize him because of all the epigenetic beliefs regarding his first and only appearance.

Epigenetic beliefs exasperated the fuck out of Jesus. Cursed a fig tree, assaulted those conducting business in the Temple, repeatedly called out the Pharisees for bringing hell on Earth, and expressed frustration with the disciples inability to grasp two simple messages: Believe. Love your neighbor.

I bring it up because the Moral Majority in which I came of age is still fucked up, still litigating the 10 Commandments, still creating Christians who are twice the children of hell as the Seminarians who taught them, and still not doing greater works than Jesus because they keep perpetuating the epigenetic beliefs of the Pharisees: “Thou shalt not!”

No, no, no, no, no! no! no!

The only thing you should say ‘no’ to is obedience to laws.

The spirit of the law is ‘thou shalt not kill’. Good! Simple! Got it.

The letter of the law is ‘thou shalt not kill except…’ See, this is exactly what the Pharisees then and the Conservatives now do: they create exceptions that they themselves do not follow. You know how I know they’re a bunch of fucking hypocritical No Men? Because they don’t facilitate miracles. You and I know them by their fruits: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control.

You really need self-control in order to do greater works because it’s so easy to get caught up in epigenetic beliefs, to be distracted by techno-politics, and headlines, violence, mayhem, earthquakes, and the weather. Love is not found in any of those.

Obedience to laws is exactly how you manifest hell on Earth.
Loving your neighbor is exactly how you manifest heaven on Earth.
Because of epigenetic beliefs that obedience to laws makes one spiritual, the disciples simply didn’t believe this was possible, even though miracles were done for them daily! Holy fucking hell!?

Can you imagine that? If a miracle was done right in front of your eyes, what would you say? How would you describe it? The disciples were doing miracles every single day and yet eventually epigenetic beliefs caught up with them. The Bible describes it as “their hearts were hardened”. That’s a perfect way to describe epigenetic beliefs. You’re stuck, irrevocably stuck in epigenetic beliefs.


I facilitated a miracle one time, which turned into another miracle several years later. Here for the first time, I present you with The Water Miracle.

A miracle was done for me at the 2001 4th of July concert in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It was hot, and a bunch of stoned, drunk, and drugged concert goers gathered around a gravity-fed 55 gallon barrel of water manned by 3 volunteers.

The pace of delivery from the hose was lethargic. After 15 minutes of very little progress, I pulled my nearly empty 1 liter hydration bladder out of its simple pack, held it up and began dripping water into the parched throats of my fellow humans, starting with my friend MD. Like a momma bird feeding its young, I held the valve up high and squirted water into strangers mouths.

After a few people I could feel that the bladder and hose was empty, but people noticed something: there was indeed no water in the bladder nor in the hose, but water was still coming out of the valve. I heard and felt a commotion as I stepped through the crowd. Everyone was pointing at the empty bladder and opening their mouths. I could feel it was empty but I continued to splash water into people’s mouths because water was still coming out of the valve.

An instant later water began shooting out of the hose attached to the gravity-fed barrel. The 3 guys manning that water station sprayed us all down with cold water and filled our containers in just a few minutes. So much water! In the span of 15 minutes about 50 of us went from parched to quenched.

People were hugging me and everyone. We were so happy, and yet this miraculous event really just felt so natural that we just let it be. We didn’t dissect it or discuss it, or anything. My friend just said it was the coolest thing she’d ever seen. Here’s a picture of her and I a few hours later:

MD and myself enjoying music and miracles.
MD and myself enjoying music and miracles.

Flash forward 18 years to August 2019. I was a concert security guard at Lake Dillon for the same band that was playing that day in Steamboat Springs. Halfway through the concert a guy came over and sat down by me. He was distressed, tears rolled over his hands that were holding his face. He needed encouragement, so I told him about the miracle of water at the Steamboat Springs concert 18 years earlier.

After I finished, I said, “All things are possible. Just believe and it will be done for you. Let go of all of the negativity that is weighing you down.” He was crying when an angry pregnant woman pushing a toddler in a stroller came up and was just about to lay into him when he looked up at her and smiled. The anger vanished from her face and the 3 of them surrendered into each other’s arms. Where there was hurt and anger, there was now love. As they left the guy turned to me and said, “I love you, thank you.”

Miracles don’t ever stop ceasing to be miracles. The problem now is the same as Jesus faced: a lack of belief in the power of love that believes all things.

I noticed a few thing when reading through the miracles: they all temporarily suspend the laws of physics. Walking on water, and turning water into wine seem to be “just because” miracles. That lines up squarely with what Jesus said in Mark 11:23 “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.”

Impossible, right? But here’s the thing, in order for something to be impossible, it first must be possible otherwise we would have never known it. And the other thing: it shall be done for you. You don’t do it. You just believe it for no reason than you want it.

That impossible thing you’re facing is resolved by believing it can be removed. By believing it’s possible we remove the epigenetic weight that clings so closely and clouds our perceptions. The moment we believe it’s possible and do not doubt — doubt is simply a belief that one is not worthy — that is the moment that our belief is self-reinforced in the invisible realms and begins its manifestation here in the visible physical realms.

This is what Jesus meant by “let it be done on Earth as it is in heaven”. All possibilities currently reside in the invisible. Miracles temporarily suspend the laws of physics so that the possibilities can physically manifest.

No belief in God required. No creed to adhere to. No church attendance required. No obedience to anything. No requirements of any kind, just believe. And even then, if you confess that you’re incapable of believing, miracles can still be done for you. Ask and you shall receive.

That’s good news.



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