Symptoms vs. Causes

Every single day I am exposed to news about symptoms. I never read about causes which infuriates, saddens, exasperates me, or all three at once.

People believe uncritically. Another news source will use scientific terms to describe a slightly deeper layer of the symptoms. They’re experts at obfuscating. One’s vocabulary grows, which is good, but if it serves tom obfuscate, what the point?

The point is to obfuscate, that’s all. Nothing else matters because, whatever.

Pick any news article about the issues we face. It’s all about symptoms because those news sources are supported by the cause.

Pick any symptom and I will show you the cause. But will you believe it?

Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’ is neat in and of itself. I loved it when I came across it and discussed it at length during my Philosophy 101 class. Cave dwellers facing a wall could see shadows cast by objects placed in front of a fire. They couldn’t see the objects, just the shadows.

They were brought up out of the cave into the sunlight. After their eyes adjusted to the brightness of sunshine, they were shown the objects. No one recognized the objects as casting the shadows on the cave wall.

Plato argued that if people were given more information that they would be enlightened. That’s true, but only to a point. Philosophers then and today routinely marginalize beliefs as an intellectual defect.

Today, I see that allegory as an allegory about allegories. It obscures the truth because it greatly discounts the fact that every single human being is born with beliefs that predate their birth (Lipton, The Biology of Belief, 2005).

Everything you read or watch creates an interaction between your interpersonal/intrapersonal dynamic and the external dynamics that seek to create lack and its platform known as fear.

Religion: external.
Politics: external.
Science: external.
Fear works because it’s easier to believe because it’s external.

Every day you are faced with a choice. I think most of us don’t realize that we have a choice and that it affects absolutely everything, even the weather.

The choice is believe in you regardless of the external, or continue to be robbed by external forces.

Choose to no longer give your life, your love, your joy, your soul to external forces. Believe in you, believe like the child you are and watch your circumstances change.

Photo by Elisabeth Wales on Unsplash



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Objective analysis of claims and incongruities against the rational axiom of how beliefs work.