Whatever you believe, you become

Sow and reap is a primary principle of quantum physics. One sows and reaps with their beliefs. Disbeliefs operate by the same principle. The most powerful operator in quantum physics is love.

Peter B.
3 min readJan 2, 2024

Knowing how beliefs work biologically and rationally, the Bible documents what humans believe. For example, atheists can facilitate miracles. The only requirement is that one believes miracles are possible.

If you accept this, then there’s no need to believe in God. When Jesus explains how miracles are facilitated — by believing — he doesn’t mention a deity, just you believe and it will be done for you.

That’s diametrically opposed by contemporary Christianity’s Reformation theology which doubled-down on the idea that only Jesus could facilitate miracles as proof of his divinity. This is directly contradicted by John 14:12 “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.”

It’s helpful, but not necessary, to understand that that the Bible is full of contradictions for several reasons. It was written by many people. Before the advent of the Gutenberg Press, it was written on parchment which recorded oral history.

Given that the Reformation was a gruesome purge of those who didn’t believe the Catholic Church’s theology and the Protester’s equally violent reciprocation that resulted in various Protestant denominations, I question why anyone would believe anything in the Bible.

Bear in mind that people have different responses to same events, and those responses are epigenetic. (Epigenetics is your biology/DNA-based behavior inherited from all sets of your grandparents.) And there’s now a rational statement that backs up the biological explanation of beliefs. Combining these provides an unbreakable framework supporting human intrapersonal and inter-relational actions create their reality.

Sow and reap is a primary principle of quantum physics. One sows and reaps with their beliefs. Disbeliefs operate by the same principle. The most powerful operator in quantum physics is love. How you treat others determines not only their outcomes but also yours.

Miracles temporarily suspend the laws governing classical physics because they operate on and in quantum realms. This supports John 14:12–14. The problem is that we don’t believe this because contemporary Christianity epigenetically cannot and will not ever allow this to be the case. Further, the Reformation itself was an epigenetic iteration of the Pharisees who valued the false power of money in order to promote their lucrative business model that was based on fear and its definition of sin.

The model: perform an action in order to achieve/receive what you already are/have.

Sin as moral failing obscures that believing the wrong things about yourself is what causes you to hurt others and self. Thus, sin is believing the wrong things about yourself, which is epigenetically perpetuated via Christianity doubling down on its Phariseean fear-based business model.

Matthew 23 is what got Jesus killed. He exposed that those who serve money inflict irreparable harm on those who seek healing unwittingly from the very people who inflict it. Thus Christianity claims to solve the problems it has created.

This is why church attendance keeps dropping. This is why people are depressed. This is why we have inequality on all fronts. Even if they can’t articulate it, people intuitively know that Christianity is not the answer.

And how do the so-called elite of Christianity respond? Epigenetically. Believe in Jesus in order to be saved from the hell that they created.

We have effectively become twice the children of hell. The remedy is not to double down on obedience to their belief modalities, but to believe that Jesus does indeed save you from those oppress. How? By believing that all things are possible indeed.

Whatever you believe, you become is just another statement of epigenetic quantum physics. God is not mocked, you reap what you sow in another.

Image is of a man whose skin is half leaf, and half lizard. His hands are pressed together, fingertips up as if praying.
Whatever you believe, you become. Image via Dall-E.



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