Why Christianity Is A Fraud

Christianity is a fraud because it replaced beliefs with obedience.

Peter B.
3 min readOct 2, 2023

It defined sin as disobeying manmade rules, and told you that obedience makes one holy, spiritual.

They taught that bad things happen to people who disobey, who don’t go along with their doctrine.

They tortured and slaughtered people who dared to think differently than them.

They substituted the gold of belief with the brass of obedience and called it divine.

They shoved fear so far up your spine so that you didn’t dare think critically, and if you did you can go to a vertical coffin-shaped box and confess your so-called sins and the slate would be wiped clean. For awhile.

They addressed only the symptoms at the expense of causes so they could profit off of your ignorance and subsequent misery.

They told you that miracles were proof of Jesus divinity, and that you are not worthy of anything.

They ignored that Jesus said that anyone who believed in him would do the same and greater works than Jesus. That’s in the Bible, but because you believe what they told you to believe, you don’t dare believe that you were born — born!—with this same power.

They flat out need to keep you in control so that you never realize how powerful you are. At any point in time you can believe for no reason than you want to.

They told you that heaven is reserved only for those who are the most morally pure by virtue of following their rules, and then only after your death. They did this while ignoring the 10 Commandments.

When you believe that all you have to do is obey manmade laws then nothing is possible because your obedience doesn’t cause you to believe, just obey.

When you don’t believe in yourself then you are easy prey because you’ll believe whatever others say about you. Do this, do that. Don’t do this, don’t do that. And they’ll bombard you every day to keep you down so that you never believe in yourself.

When you don’t believe in yourself you’ll never believe in anything.

They told you that Jesus was the Son of God, but Jesus called himself the Son of Man, meaning that by believing in Jesus you come to believe in yourself.

When you believe someone who believes in their self, you eventually start believing that yes, ALL things are possible, and thus you believe in yourself.

Do the following experiment for 1 month and see what happens.

Unplug your TV.

Don’t use social media, at all.

Don’t pray.

Don’t go to church — Jesus didn’t.

Don’t open your Bible, don’t go to Bible Study, ignore calls from people who ask you to pray for them.

Shut down all extraneous activity that distracts.

Go cold turkey on your vices.


Ask with the expectation of an answer. Just ask, for anything, keep asking.

Seek with the expectation that you will find. Get out there, keep seeking.

Knock with the expectation that the door will be opened. Keep knocking.

Say “Let there be _______ .” many times a day.

While you’re doing the above be kind to everyone. Interact with everyone honestly, not out of fear. Smile. Acknowledge the presence of everyone. Small talk; no mention of God, Jesus, religion, nor politics.

You will be changed and so will others.



Peter B.

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